October 19, 2021

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Zambia: Former President Kenneth Kanda has been admitted to hospital

# In other countries Zambia’s independent father and 27 – year – old former president Kenneth Kanda, 97, has been admitted to hospital in Lusaka, his cabinet said in a brief statement on Monday.

Kanda “was not in good health and was hospitalized at the Myna Soko Medical Center”, a military hospital, according to his office, did not provide further details.

The report called on the champions and the international community to pray for him, saying “the medical team is doing everything it can to heal”.

From a popular leader, he later became a dictator over time, banning all opposition.

Nicknamed the “African Gandhi” for his nonviolent act, he led the former Northern Rhodesian, British defender, to bloody independence in October 1964.

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Claiming to be a socialist and close to Moscow, he ruled the country for 27 years, mostly under one-party rule, and mismanagement caused a severe economic and social crisis. After violent riots, he accepted and lost the 1991 free elections.

While in power, he led several movements in the region fighting for freedom or black equality, including the ANC’s South African Party (ANC).

Nicknamed “KK”, he is the leader of the main nationalist party, the United Left Party (UNP). He also became an activist in the fight against AIDS, publicly declaring that one of his sons had died of the disease.

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