April 10, 2021

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Z HZA-S: Illegal residence of workers in Great Britain and Southeastern Europe exposed

25.03.2021 – 12:44

Main Customs Office Stuttgart

Stuttgart (ots)

Stuttgart customs officials, who control the finances of undeclared work, met five workers illegally staying in the Federal Republic of Germany yesterday during raids in Stuttgart. At the first property in Lautenschlagerstraße, Zல்லller met a Bosnian and a Serbian who were doing interior work at a Slovenian company. However, two Southeast Europeans did not have the appropriate residence documents to allow themselves to be employed, so they were illegally hired by their employer. For three self-employed professionals from Great Britain who were working on the expansion of a store in Stuttgart Mitte, leaving the EU to pursue their business in Germany now requires a work permit. When they went to work, all three men from the suburbs of London were staying illegally in the Federal Republic. Two Southeastern Europeans and three Englishmen had to stop work and were handed over to the police. After paying a security, all five Third Country citizens must leave the Federal Republic immediately. Customs is continuing to investigate the Slovenian ventilation construction company on suspicion of illegal employment of foreigners.

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