October 19, 2021

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Yur Lapid welcomes the Bahraini government’s decision to appoint him ambassador to Israel

AA / Jerusalem

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapidet on Wednesday welcomed Bahrain’s decision to appoint an ambassador to Tel Aviv.

“My warmest congratulations to Khalid Youssef Al-Jalahma, the former ambassador to Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, before taking over as Manama’s ambassador to Israel. Another important step in strengthening important ties between the two countries,” Lapid wrote on Twitter.

The head of Israeli diplomacy is currently in the United Arab Emirates, where he attended the opening ceremony of the Israeli Embassy in Abu Dhabi and its consulate in Dubai.

It should be noted that the United Arab Emirates and Israel, which signed in Washington on September 13, 2020, reached an agreement to normalize their relations.

The deal was widely condemned by Palestinian factions and leaders, who saw it as a “betrayal” of the United Arab Emirates and a stab in the back of the Palestinian people.

Palestinian leaders reject normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab states, before ending Israeli occupation of occupied territories since 1967.

* Translated by Vejton Jlasi from Arabic.

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