September 21, 2021

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WHO: Africa could lose global target of 10% of every country’s population to immunization

“Africa will not be able to achieve the urgent global target of vaccination by the end of September, with 10% of each country’s population most vulnerable to Govt-19,” the UN branch of the World Health Organization warned.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 42 out of 54 countries on the African continent do not reach the vaccination target.

“One month before the deadline, this immediate goal is to focus on Africa and the world,” WHO Africa Regional Director Dr. Matsidiso Moiti said in a statement.

Nine African countries, including Morocco, the Seychelles, Cape Verde, South Africa and Tunisia, have already reached the global target set in May by the World Health Organization.

At current rates, it is expected to reach all three African countries: Comoros, Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome and Principe. Two more people can achieve it if vaccinations are expedited.

“Vaccine hoarding has delayed Africa and we urgently need more vaccines, but as new levels come in, African countries must work with it to launch specific programs to quickly vaccinate millions of people.

“Of the more than five billion managed worlds, only 2% are managed in Africa,” Dr. Moydi said.

In total, more than 143 million cases have been reported in Africa and 39 million people, just 3% of the African population, have been fully vaccinated. By comparison, 52% of people in the United States and 57% in the European Union are fully vaccinated.

“This inequality is very worrying. However, the recent increase in vaccine exports and commitments shows that a more equitable and fair global distribution of vaccines seems possible,” the WHO Regional Director recalled.

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This vaccine inequality is stubbornly high despite a slight decrease in Govt-19 cases in Africa. The number of new cases in Central, East and West Africa rose to 215,000 in the week ended August 29.

Twenty-five countries, or more than 45% of African countries, report more or less rapidly increasing cases. More than 5,500 deaths were reported in the week ending August 29.