October 19, 2021

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Where is the investigation into the assassination of the Haitian president?

Within a week of the assassination of Haitian President Joanel Moss, despite a series of arrests of suspects, there was still confusion over the circumstances and causes of his death. Here we know about this very bad situation.

– A mysterious Haitian “doctor”

The focus of the Haitian police is centered on a Haitian man with “political motives” who was arrested on Sunday and charged with appointing the commando who assassinated President Jovnell Moss on Tuesday to Wednesday night.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, of Haiti, Florida, is said to have arrived in the country on a “private plane” with Colombians in June, with the initial aim of “arresting the president of the republic,” according to Leon Charles, director of the Haitian National Police.

Mr. The Colombians were responsible for ensuring Sanon’s safety, but “then the task changed,” Charles said.

Little information has been leaked through the suspect’s profile, who identifies himself as a “doctor” who “plays a leading role for Haiti through a life of decisive action and complete integrity” on a Twitter account with his name on it.

In several videos released on a YouTube channel in his name in 2011, he appears to present himself as a talented leader and criticizes Haitian power and corruption.

“Where are the leaders of Haiti? Don’t know why? Because they are corrupt, ”he says.

However, this official version appears to be incomplete and does not answer the pressing question for this small country, which is mired in corruption and poverty: who could finance such a move?

According to the Miami Herald, Mr. Sanon had filed for bankruptcy. In addition, he was not allowed to practice medicine in Florida. Haitian police have named two more mysterious “intellectual teachers” without giving details.

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– Dark relationships with strangers

Throughout the investigation of a physician living in the United States, mainly Colombian “mercenaries”, contacts with foreigners are revealed.

Haitian police said Sunday they had arrested 21 people, including 18 Colombians and 3 Haitians (two of whom are of American descent).

Bogota confirmed that many of those arrested were former members of its military. Former Colombian soldiers, guerrillas and with decades of experience fighting drug trafficking, are highly valued mercenaries.

Haitian police have significantly accused Christian Emmanuel Sanon of recruiting 26 members of the commando using the Florida-based Venezuelan security firm CDU.

A woman posing as a friend of one of the arrested Colombians said her husband was approached by a company that pays “$ 2,700 a month” to join Commando.

Bogot is investigating several trips to Colombia, led by Dmitry Heard, the head of security for Jovnell Moss. Among the officers summoned to the Port-au-Prince prosecutor’s office after finding out that the assassins had assassinated the Haitian head of state, Mr. Heard is one.

He visited Ecuador, Panama and the Dominican Republic on several occasions, via Colombia between January and May 2021, and Colombian police are currently reviewing his actions in those countries.

– Chaotic rule

The three men vying for power in the country are already mired in a severe political, economic and security crisis, which adds further political imprint.

The assassination comes two days after the president appointed a new prime minister, Ariel Henry, to replace Claude Joseph, the caretaker Prime Minister.

A few hours after the president’s death, Claude Joseph declared himself responsible for the current situation, especially the siege. But the outgoing Prime Minister was quick to question his legitimacy.

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Eight of the ten senators still in office signed a resolution in the Senate on Friday evening awarding the title of interim president to Republican President Joseph Lambert. Mr. The Lambert swearing-in, scheduled for Saturday, was postponed due to the absence of elected officials.

Elections have not been organized since Jovnell Moss came to power, and the orders of members of parliament have expired, leaving only ten national representatives elected in the country.

“The manner and manner in which the president was assassinated made the need for real reconstruction and support for democratic change in Haiti even more urgent,” said Horace Campbell, a professor of political science at the University of Syracuse.

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