September 21, 2021

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When hatred takes refuge with the name of Depon

Abdelhaq Najib

How to see what is happening in Algerian neighbors? How to deal with Algerian public opinion, during the economic crisis of a country that should be the richest, most prosperous and most stable country in Africa and the Arab world. Algeria has a fall in oil and gas, which guarantees about $ 200 billion in foreign exchange earnings, right? How dare we blame others for not being able to lead a nation other than sticks and roundups? This has been the whole Algerian drama for decades. Rather, the situation has at one time become absurd, nonsensical, and irrational, and after a certain deputation comes to power he executes a letter commanding him to a crowd of high-ranking military officers unknown to the regime. Than threat and repression.

Today, Algeria is spreading all the accusations against Morocco because the United States has clearly recognized the Moroccan character of the Sahara and Morocco has normalized its relationship with the state of Israel. For fires that burn the Algerian landscape and kill many victims. Algiers was unable to control the flames, thus manifesting itself without any means of fighting infrastructure or wildfires. People are dying due to the fire that tried to extinguish the uncontrolled fire. Worse, this natural disaster, a conspiracy between the Moroccan secret services and Mossad, is, after all, very manageable, because of her. Instead of investing in military equipment that rusts in the sun on the sandy south of Algiers, it is better to invest in effective means and infrastructure to fight the fire. Here is a scenario to read to understand the implications of the conflict between Algiers and Rabat feeding new Bellicos branches each day.

Despite this hatred of the kingdom, the Lord extended a friendly hand to the Algerians and provided humanitarian assistance to Morocco to extinguish the fire that was burning Algeria. Their bilateral relations for the construction of a strong Maghreb, capable of becoming a true economic pole, return decisively to the future and rationality. The Algerian response is regrettable and proportionate at all levels. Hate speech, relentlessness, insults, all sorts of attacks by clerks on Algiers pay, more than what was given to them when they left the country sacrificing civilians and the whole people- well, I don’t care too much guilt.

This is clearly happening in Algeria today, and to understand the reasons for this Algerian outrage against Morocco we must not lose sight of this important element: the unconditional support of Madrid and Paris, Rabat’s two privileged partners to see Morocco’s political, economic and cultural expansion, not only in Africa, but also in France’s security and its policy. Very suspicious, Franfrick said. Knowing that without these African countries collecting billions of euros, it would be the 15th world economic power, France could not bear the war behind the scenes in Morocco. As for Madrid, things cannot be clear: continued support for Algeria, despite military crimes, investigations before European commissions and the International Criminal Court, and open support for an organization criminal and terrorist by the international community: the police. A policeman sounded its day and expiration date for a few years.

The location is clear. On the one hand, Morocco is a flawless real politics and a Moroccan who has established itself on many fronts by supporting a firm will to move forward. Morocco has closed solid alliances with the United States, Russia, China, India, Gulf powers, Africa, Israel, Turkey and Latin American countries. Enlightenment, foresight and practicality are all landscape performance that sees its essence in the eyes of the king.

On the other hand, we have Algeria, which is heading towards an explosion with allies like France and Spain betting on the horse at the end of the course. It is in this sense that we must also understand the words of his majestic King when he spoke in the King’s speech on August 20, 2021:
“Morocco has a long Amazonian history, a fully established state for more than twelve centuries, governed by a civilian monarchy for more than four centuries, leading to the fate of the country. These precious objects of turmoil and uprisings in this world. “A stability that will allow Morocco to establish itself firmly and with very clear ideas in the future, where the kingdom knows where it comes from and where it wants to go under the leadership of Mohammed: but all in all, misfortune is good:” Opponents of regional unity are strengthening Morocco’s confidence and determination to tirelessly defend the homeland and its lofty interests. In this regard, we reassure you that we have decided to pay our respects to the people who are jealous of the annoying enemies and hatred of our country and of course be determined.

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