September 20, 2021

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“We have filed a plan for an injunction banning the wearing of punctuation marks.”

In 2015 and 2016, Appointment A The young veil was twice denied by Stipal because of Brussels’ female neutrality policy. The outraged Brussels woman had filed a complaint in labor court. On May 3, the same court ruled in his favor, considering that the public should allow its employees to wear punitive signs.

However, the question is debatable. To Jermaine Mukhemango, President of the PTB in the Walloon Parliament, “It makes sense to expect the politician to be able to set up a clear framework.” To achieve this, Belgium, according to him, must take into account two aspects: models working abroad, on the one hand, and the real meaning of the debate: “In Great Britain, with the exception of the judiciary, all functions have long been open to sentencing.”, He says in the QR package of the discussion.

“The second element is that we have a discussion that covers all the religious realities in Belgium. We must recognize that our ministers go to the team. This raises questions. There is also funding for worship services. We have a debate and we are only focusing on the veil. “

On the other hand, for Georges-Louis Bouches, it is unthinkable that Belgium would copy its model to that of Great Britain or the United States. “These are the most communist communities that can exist in our world today. I do not want a community where people are parked next to the neighborhood. I want a community that lives together, that is neutrality.” The law in this case is clear: “Government Order 1937, as amended in 2007, makes it clear that public servants must be neutral and in their appearance.”

This Wednesday, MR. At the level of the Brussels Parliament, he proposed a decree aimed at banning any form of punishment, be it religious, philosophical or political.

DiGemila Benhabib, spokeswoman for the Joint Lacit Yalla, noted the extension of the debate: “How far will we go?”, She asks. “If we accept one event today (for example, wearing a veil, the editor’s note), how can we deny other events tomorrow?

Ecolo and CDH in support of sentencing symptoms

For Maxim Provod, head of the CDH, the wearing of punctuation marks should not be formally prohibited. “There are principles of reality. In a city, in a region like Brussels, there are almost 200 different national races and beliefs. We have to have an attitude that allows us to give respect to that person. A debate that calls into question a possible demand for compliance.

For his part, Arnold Verstradt, chairman of the Brussels Parliament (Crone) Committee, ensures that despite the law, the policy of neutrality enshrined in Michelin and Agent has been in place since 2013. “What is important to us is to create a community that reflects diversity more effectively, which allows more people to prosper and free themselves. And in practice, we see this inclusive neutrality at work.”

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