October 19, 2021

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“We are at a very dangerous stage” of the epidemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the delta variant of Govt-19 is spreading rapidly and is now present in nearly 100 countries, noting that “we are at the most dangerous stage of this epidemic.”

D.WHO boss Tetros Adanom Capreius lamented at a news conference Friday that countries with low vaccines against the corona virus and high-burden hospitals are “becoming a norm again”, calling for permanent monitoring of variations and adaptation to the response to the epidemic.

Tetros, according to its report released by the World Health Organization, wants to share more personal protective equipment and, again, need to accelerate the distribution of vaccines. A few days ago, a British study showed that 45 weeks between two doses of AstraZeneca improves its effectiveness.

Similarly, a combination of Pfizer / Bioendech and Astrogeneneka appears to protect against the corona virus. Samia Swaminathan, WHO’s head of science, said the study “promises” people and governments facing distribution problems.

For its part, the International Kovacs Organization for Equitable Access to Immunizations, which relies mainly on AstraZeneca, currently does not have the levels to reach the immunization target of 30% of each country’s population by the end of the year. However, the WHO did not recommend extending the 12-week interval between the two doses recommended for AstraZeneca, and did not want to adopt Kovacs.

“We want people to fully protect this second level at the right time, especially with the delta variation,” Swaminathan said. He added that Kovacs’ delivery should “not be a problem” in the months following the recent dose-sharing announcements.

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