April 10, 2021

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Viral ticker death toll drops to 82 in Reuters

March 07 (Reuters) – Current developments surrounding the virus outbreak include:

9.30pm – Great Britain submits new death toll as announced: It was 82 after 158 the previous day, officials said.

8:35 pm – In the United States, more than 90 million people have been vaccinated at least once. This was announced by the CDC Disease Center. Of these, less than 58.9 million have received one of the two required vaccines and more than 30.7 million have been vaccinated. 116.4 million vaccine doses have now been issued. Vaccines are covered Pfizer (NYSE 🙂 PFE.N / BioNTech and Modern . There are approximately 328 million people living in the United States.

7.40pm – Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholes says federal and state governments will increase vaccination capacity. “There will be ten million vaccines a week,” says the deputy candidate for the ZDF-related federal election and the SPD top candidate. This applies to the months of April, May and June from the end of March. “It’s well prepared now, I made sure of it.” Scholes says the cabinet has made progress in the fight against the virus and campaigned at the recent federal-state summit. “I do what needs to be done to deal with this crisis.”

7:03 pm – Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg pledges additional sanctions. “We have a new mountain ahead of us,” he says in a televised speech. She did not give any details. The number of new infections in Norway has recently increased significantly.

6.42pm – France pushes the number of vaccinations over the weekend. About 220,000 people received an injection on Saturday, more than twice as many as a week ago. “This is a race against time,” said Secretary of Defense Florence Barley, who was vaccinated when she visited a military hospital on Sunday.

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5:54 pm – Great Britain initially does not report any new deaths due to technical issues. Officials say that number should then be provided. That number was 158 on Saturday. The number of new infections dropped from 6040 to 5177. According to the latest data, 22.2 million Britons now have at least one vaccine. This equates to one-third of the population.

12.21 pm – Health Minister Jens Spann sharply criticizes his CDU party colleague Nicholas Lபpez on business matters over the purchase of safety masks in the Corona crisis. “Collecting a commission, that is, wanting to make money with mediation in an emergency, is not possible. It destroys confidence in our democracy,” says Spain of the Rainbows. At the same time, he insists: “MPs were helpful and systematic in communicating in an emergency situation at the time.” Lubel has announced his withdrawal from politics following the mask issue. He wants to resign from the Bundestock on August 31st and not run to the Bundestack again in the fall. He immediately terminated his membership in the CDU / CSU Parliamentary Committee. The 34-year-old is said to have earned 250 250,000 by arranging security mask orders.

12:02 pm – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces that Israel will end most of its corona controls. “We still have to take care of ourselves, we have to wear masks, we have to keep our distance,” Netanyahu told Reuters. “But we’re getting out of there, missing much,” he adds. Israel withdrew from the third lockout in February. With at least 53 percent of citizens vaccinated, the government is gradually reopening shops, schools and the country’s main airport with capacity caps.

9:57 am – In the UK, people between the ages of 56 and 59 are said to be vaccinated against Govt-19. The National Health Service NHS announced that offers to book appointments will be sent out next week. The move is possible because 80 percent of people between the ages of 65 and 69 have accepted the offer and been vaccinated. In total, more than 18 million people in the UK are now vaccinated, which is more than a third of adults.

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7:35 am – U.S. Health officials recorded at least 60,255 new infections in 24 hours. It provides the number of Reuters based on official data. In total, about 29.06 million people tested positive for the corona virus. At least 1,517 people died from the virus. The total death toll rises to 524,824. The United States has the highest number of epidemics and deaths in the world.

5.40am – The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recorded 8,103 new infections on Sunday morning. The seven-day event increases to 66.1 (previous day: 65.4). The value indicates how many people per 100,000 people have been infected with the corona virus in the last seven days. Another 96 people have died from the corona virus. This increases the number of deaths reported within 24 hours to 71,900. In total, more than 2.5 million people in Germany have been tested positive for the virus to date.

03.10am – Manfred Weber, leader of the Christian Democrats in the European Parliament, defends the Astroseneka vaccine export ban imposed in Italy. “This is not about Europe in the first place, but of course the EU must protect its citizens,” CSU politician Funke told reporters. Europe is currently one of the most affected. If the promises are not fulfilled, the option of stopping exports for vaccines produced in the EU, like the manufacturer AstraZeneca, is right, Weber insists. The attitude of the Italian government is understandable and consistent. Italy has blocked the supply of 250,000 doses of the vaccine to Australia by British-Swedish manufacturer Astrogeneneka as part of EU regulation.

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2:40 am – Chile delivers 40,000 doses of Chinese synovial vaccine to Ecuador and Paraguay. This was announced by the governments of two South American countries. This donation underscores the strong differences between Latin American countries in combating the epidemic. Richter Chile has already vaccinated at least a quarter of its population with a single dose. In Ecuador and Paraguay, on the other hand, vaccines are progressing very slowly.

2:15 am – Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, reopens after a week – long lockout. The lockdown was imposed following the discovery of several new infections in two million cities, particularly with the contagious British virus variant. Strict restrictions could be lifted, as health officials say, as no infections were reported to have spread domestically for seven days by Sunday morning. New Zealand has a elimination strategy in the fight against the corona virus.

01.00 am – Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Trayer accuses the federal government of serious failures in its corona test strategy. “In mid-February, Health Minister Jens Spann promised to provide free quick tests to everyone, and he said he had contracted 500 million tests to Germany,” SPD politician Funke told reporters. Spawn (CDU) could not meet the high expectations he had raised. Trier says the Rhineland-Palatinate did not wait for the federal government, but immediately began buying tests and train testers. The retail sale on Monday will open hundreds of quick test stations.