October 19, 2021

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Videos. South Africa: Insane rush for diamonds taken from the ground

# In other countries : She spits out the earth after cleaning the pebbles in her mouth, and there is a treasure there. Like Lihl Magudulela, thousands of people in recent days have come to this poor corner of South Africa in a frenzy of so-called diamonds.

During the day, they are already hundreds on the edge of the mountain in the small village of Kwahalati, a 5-hour drive from Johannesburg in KwaZulu-Natal (east).

Armed with pliers, pixies or sticks, they turn the soil, break the cloths of the wet earth with their hands, and hope to see the brilliance of the glorious precious stone every time. The photos ran on social media last weekend.

“They are real,” says three-year-old single mother Lihle Magudulela. In her hand, she points to a small pile of dirty stones, which could easily be bad glass crystals. “I can buy a car, a house, enroll my children in a private school,” he says.

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In a country that has discovered the greatest diamond in history, Cullinan, and created the wealth of the world’s greatest diamond sellers, dreams are allowed. Especially for those suffering from local unemployment, it has reached a new record with the Govt-19 epidemic, now affecting more than 32% of the population.

“We’re poor, I don’t have a job, but it could change everything,” the 38-year-old precious said. Next to her, her 14-year-old son holds a stone the size of a ping-pong ball in his fist. He and his 3-year-old sister spent time digging dirt with their mother. “They’re not tired, we need money,” he says early in the morning.

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– “Myth and Rumor” –

Legend has it that the 3,106-carat Cullinan, discovered in South Africa in 1905 before the industrial mine, was cut with a pocket knife a few feet from the earth’s surface. This stone was converted into nine diamonds for British crown jewelry.

So with the shrine found in a garage, 36-year-old Tulani Manyadi is pursuing his dream of wealth. “I want to go live in Dubai, have a two-story house. It will change our lives,” he exclaims, with a few stones already at the bottom of his pocket. Coming from Alexandra, one of the poorest cities on the outskirts of Johannesburg, he digs with his four daughters. “There is no school, today we dig diamonds,” he explains.

South Africa is a world leader in the production of precious stones. Mining, despite the downturn, remains one of the lungs of the economy, accounting for more than 8% of GDP and nearly half a million jobs.

There is already a rumor that “strangers” on the mountain are buying stones in the nearby town of Ladysmith. For a few hundred rands, some have already started selling to those who want to try to market their inventions.

Experts do not rule out that they may be real diamonds, even if they believe it is highly unlikely. The Department of Energy and Mining said it would send a team of experts in the coming days.

“These are not diamonds,” the loose Begumchi Luno, 18, still tried his luck and wanted to reach its bottom. But with the mysterious stones he found himself in the night before his eyes, he firmly believes that “people are wasting their time here.”

On Tuesday, police cars sifted through the entrances to the road. Authorities in the area, fearing overflowing, called for order and peace last weekend. Citing restrictions attached to the Govt, they urged minors to leave campus on Sunday without much success ….