October 19, 2021

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Videos. Cornwall: Time for climate emergency at G7 summit after diplomatic challenges

Leaders of the major powers of the United Nations and the G7 are tackling the climate emergency this Sunday, June 13, 2021, as they face the challenges of China and Russia, which are determined to keep the planet in a straight line after the epidemic. And last day from their summit in the UK.

Their most intense day was yesterday, June 12, 2021, when work sessions and sensible side meetings followed one another, ending with a moment of relaxation – indestructible by a new family photo – of a hot rum corps bay around the roasted marshmallows and the golden sands of the coast, Cornwall Resort.

With sea spells and the Royal Air Force’s acrobatic patrol, these moments preceded the announcement of joint ventures ranging from epidemics to diplomacy in the face of great challenges. Russia and China, first-person summit in almost two years.

However, this image of good relations has been tarnished by the broad daylight divisions between Europeans and the British over the thorny issue of Brexit and Northern Ireland.

The unification of his British, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Canadian allies against Moscow and Beijing was a major goal of US President Joe Biden’s European tour, his first foreign trip to the United States. The international scene after the loneliness of the Trump era.

On Sunday, the summit will focus on climate, a key issue for the UK, which is hosting the UN Summit in November (COP26).

G7 leaders aim to stop the decline of biodiversity by 2030 and protect at least 30% of the land and oceans, while London will launch a $ 500 million (over $ 2,582 million) fund to protect the oceans and marine ecosystems in countries such as Ghana. Indonesia.

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Important decade

“Protecting our planet is the most important thing we can do for our people as leaders. There is a direct link between reducing emissions, restoring nature, creating jobs and ensuring long-term economic growth,” Boris Johnson said.

Leaders will reaffirm their commitment to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and end public assistance to coal-fired power plants this year.

Its purpose is to control the rise of temperatures below 1.5 below C compared to pre-industrial times, and scientists believe that climate change will get out of hand.

“The decisions we make this decade (…) are the most important in human history,” warned British star nature activist David Attenborough, 95.

For environmental activists, these announcements are very subtle: they like more action and less words, as they are remembered louder and louder during the protests in Cornwall.

Downing Street said the G7 will also focus on climate elements of a comprehensive global infrastructure plan presented on Saturday for underprivileged countries in Africa, Asia or Latin America, and promote green growth by encouraging investment in renewable energy and clean technologies.

Launched on the initiative of Joe Biden, who prioritizes China, the project should compete with the “new Silk Roads”, these large-scale investments that Beijing has set up to increase its influence abroad.

Called the “Better Building for the World”, it will help these countries recover from the epidemic by focusing on the fight against climate, health, digital technology and inequality.

In the wake of the epidemic, the G7 adopted a war plan to prevent future epidemics, lagging behind in their immunization campaigns after promising to share one billion anti-Govt vaccines with poor countries.

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After the final report and traditional press conferences, Joe Biden will have tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle. He will meet his key allies at the NATO summit in Brussels on Wednesday, ahead of a much-discussed meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva.