April 10, 2021

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Video: Duchess Megan – That’s why she will never go to England again

Herzogin Megan
That is why she will never come to England again

Duchess Megan says in an interview with Opera Winfrey how hard the Royal time was.


Duchess Megan may avoid going to England in the future. Anna Pasternak, author and royal expert, explains why.

Duchess Megan, 39, had a difficult year. To finally escape the public bustle, he and Prince Harry, 36, make a living away from the British royal family. But how is the connection to her husband’s home, and will Megan make another voyage across the ocean to meet 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth and her family?

Duchess Megan: Your reputation among the British people is declining

Anna Pasternak, 53, a teacher and state expert, did not think so. Using some clues, Megan explains that she hopes she will never go to England again. Among other things, he cites a study that shows how much Megan’s reputation among British people has declined since Oprah’s interview.

Sources used: own research, express.co.uk


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