April 10, 2021

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Versus Systems begins offering ‘awards’ in the UK in the 2nd quarter

As it expands into the largest European television advertising market, Versus will be able to greatly expand its use of award-winning technology.

Los Angeles, California – April 7, 2021 – Versus Systems Inc. Its use in the UK. Great Britain is Europe’s largest television advertising market, one of the largest interactive gaming markets in the world and home to the Premier League, the best division of football and the most popular football league in the world. Versus is expanding its presence to the UK in the second quarter of this year in collaboration with some existing content partners.

Statista with over 66 million inhabitants, total population of the United Kingdom (UK) from 2015 to 2025, 2019-2020
Great Britain leads the world in media consumption: 37 million people play video games Creative Industries Council, 2018
, About 20 million people have subscribed to OTT and streaming services Statista, the unique customer (subscribers) country of OTT SVOD services in Europe in 2018, 2018
And the 2018/2019 season TopMedia had an average of 1.5 million spectators at each of the 380 Premier League season games in 2020

As Versus expands into the UK market, it will support its gaming and second screen expertise and unique solutions from its brand and content partners who want to target these audiences at multiple screens and live events to promote sales.

As gaming, interactive television and streaming services become more widespread in the UK, there are many opportunities for content creators and brands to engage their audiences with pricing and interactive solutions, said Versace CEO Matthew Pierce. As for Exite, Frias, HP and our multi-year partnerships with our content and brand partners, it is only natural that we are now expanding in the UK.

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About Versus Systems

Versus Systems Inc. It has developed its own game reward and advertising engine that enables publishers, developers and makers of games, applications and other interactive media content to deliver real value within their content. Players, spectators and users can choose from the prizes of the offer and then complete the game or utility challenges to win the prizes. Versus’ operating system integrates with mobile, console and PC games as well as streaming media and mobile applications. You can find more information here www.versussystems.com Or via the official Versus Systems YouTube channel.

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