April 10, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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Vaccine supply: EU and UK prefer win-win situation

Consensus after weeks of tensions over the provision of corona vaccines: Great Britain and the EU Commission have issued a joint statement calling for continued trust in cooperation.

“We all face the same epidemic, and the third wave makes EU-UK cooperation even more important,” it says. “Because we are interdependent, we are taking concrete steps to create a win-win environment in the short, medium and long term and to expand the distribution of vaccines to our citizens.”

Johnson vs Export Freeze

The European Commission (EU) on Wednesday tightened export controls, which it introduced on February 1, regarding the country’s target or vaccination rate. It can ban the export of manufacturers that do not comply with EU agreements.

Britain considers itself the primary target of these austerity measures. So Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned the EU against a ban on vaccine exports.

Advice on vaccine records

So EU countries want to do more to increase vaccine production. Acceleration of the production and distribution of previously deficient vaccines was the main topic at a video summit of state and government leaders this Thursday.

In addition, the report said that work related to European digital certifications should be encouraged. What this means is that mutually approved evidence of vaccines, tests and immunizations by survivor Govt. The EU Commission and Germany plan to launch on June 1. However, more complex details will not be discussed at the summit, but will be discussed at the expert level in the next few weeks.