April 10, 2021

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Vaccine queen on the vaccine jar | Telepolis

Unlike Great Britain, Germany has a shortage of vaccines. A specialized staff should now remove this

The UK now seems to want to prove that not all EU members are good. For days, the international media has been engulfed in news of British vaccine successes. Meanwhile, a good 15 million vaccines have been distributed in Great Britain. It is targeted at people over the age of 70, frontline health and social workers, hospital residents and especially clinically. Vaccinate those who are vulnerable.

The fact that no other country in Europe is vaccinated faster than Great Britain is due to its “vaccine queen” known as Kate Bingham in real life. According to Der Spiegel, Ms Bingham, who is a “venture capitalist” by profession, will have to wait a while before she can be elevated to nobility. Available throughout December He volunteered to chair the UK Vaccine Task Force.

According to CNN, even critics of the Brexit course agree that the British are going it alone, thanks to Ms. Bingham, which did not lead to the vaccine purchase problems they feared. Kate Bingham signed initial contracts with pharmaceutical companies and received hundreds of millions of vaccine doses. “We did it”, So Fra Bingham, “Because we were fast and fast”.

Vaccination rate in Germany is in the lower percentage range

Those in charge in this country are also very happy to act fast and fast. But in Germany, one of the world’s leading corona vaccine manufacturers, the number of vaccines to date is 4.7 million, less than a third of the number of vaccines in Great Britain (Position: 19.02). So far, 3.7 out of 100 people living in Germany have been vaccinated at least once. Nearly two percent of the population received a second vaccine.

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A good 78 million people in Germany are not currently vaccinated against Govt-19. At the current pace of the vaccine campaign in Germany – about one million vaccine doses per week – it would theoretically take until mid-October 2022 for every citizen to receive at least one vaccine.

Even those in charge of politics in Germany have acknowledged that this pace, especially in conjunction with ongoing locking operations, is politically unacceptable. That is why the federal government is now reacting to the “corona vaccine shortage” by setting up “special staff” to show the far-sightedness of those responsible here. It should regulate state investments in vaccine production.

“In discussions with manufacturers,” Health Minister Jens Spann said over the weekend, “we have found that there are some manufacturers who are thinking about investing in Germany.” The “special staff” must now ensure that this response is accelerated and leads to greater investment in vaccine production. They also want to create reserves for the next epidemic.

The “vaccine jar” should fix it

Christophe Group, formerly spokesman for the Federal Agency for Real Estate Affairs; Take it. Since one can learn from the English in these matters, the manager Mr. Magazine. The group calls the “vaccine jar” as a precautionary measure. Mr. Group, According to media reports Finance Minister Olaf Scholes’ long-term hope is to ensure an adequate supply of raw materials and move in supply chains.

The “special staff” should see how strongly and quickly the vaccine supply can be increased. British vaccine queen Kate Bingham has been suspended since May last year. However, one thing is certain: some fears that German authorities will soon “vaccinate” the population have not been confirmed.
(Thomas Schuster)

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