April 10, 2021

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UK: Elite police officer arrested on suspicion of murder

The disappearance of the 33-year-old in London has been attracting considerable attention for several days in Great Britain. Now again there is a new development that must once again enhance the public interest: an elite police officer has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

The officer, who belongs to a unit that protects MPs and ambassadors, has been in custody since Tuesday evening, London police said on Wednesday. On Tuesday, a woman was arrested during the same investigation. He is suspected of aiding and abetting.

The missing woman was walking home about 50 minutes from a friend’s apartment on the evening of March 3 – but never got there. Police have been asking the public for information about the case for several days.

Officers on Wednesday raided buildings in London and Kent and a wooded area near Ashford. In the evening, body parts were found in the woods, Metropolitan Police said. Commissioner Credita Dick said the identity of the deceased has not yet been confirmed. This can take “considerable time” for clarity to prevail.

The Mayor of London also commented on the case

The suspect police officer was arrested in Kendall on Tuesday. There is an immoral expression in addition to the murder charges against him. The suspect was in his unit According to the British Guardian Primarily responsible for monitoring the characteristics of diplomatic missions. Police officers in this role are usually armed.

Dick said the detective’s arrest caused “shock and outrage” among the public and police. “I speak to all my colleagues when I say that we are shocked by this terrible, terrible news.” The task of the police is to “control the streets and protect the people.”

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Earlier, London Mayor Sadiq Khan had already shown understanding when he was “shocked and worried” by population growth. He welcomed the fact that the officer’s case had been sent to an oversight, which is now to conduct an independent investigation.

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