April 10, 2021

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UK: Boris Johnson adviser resigns over racist report

Samuel Kasumu, an adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the issue of racism, has announced his resignation. Downing Street announced Thursday.

The day before, a government-appointed report by the Commission on Racial Discrimination (CRED) had found no structural racism in British society.

A government spokesman confirmed Kasumu’s resignation in May, but insisted the decision was unrelated to the release of the CRED report. The Commission on Racial Discrimination (CRED) was set up only last year after protests by the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Report “seems to glorify slavery”

The 264-page report caused outrage in the UK. It describes that while prejudice still persists in the country, it is not “institutionally racist”. Johnson said the article will help educate politicians about the “real nature of the barriers and discrimination that minorities undoubtedly perceive”. “There are very serious issues related to racism in our community and we need to take care of them,” he said.

Casumu’s ouster speaks to the constituencies, although the government has denied that it is related to the report, said Marsha de Cordova, a spokeswoman for the opposition Labor Equality. The report “seems to glorify slavery and suggests that there is no institutional racism, but rather there is evidence for this,” he said.

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