September 21, 2021

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Tunisian thinker and historian Hichem Dijat has died at the age of 86


Tunisian thinker, writer and historian Hichem Dijat died on Tuesday at the age of 86.

A native of Tunis in 1935, he did his secondary education at Sadiq College to continue in Paris, where he received his collection of history.

In 1981, Hichem Dejat defended Sorbonne, who holds a doctorate in Islamic city planning in Kaufa.

The late Dijat, an Islamist and expert in the Arab-Muslim world, taught medieval history at the University of Tunis in the 1970s.

Taking into account the in-depth analysis and rationality and detailed discussions, he was a late university professor and visiting professor at several European and American universities.

An expert in Islamic history, Dijat has authored numerous books in Tunisia and France, including La Grande Descartes. Religion and Politics in Early Islam (1989) and “Al-Kofa. The Birth of the Islamic City ”(1986), as well as“ Revelation, the Quran and Prophecy (1999).

The author of “Think about History, Think about Religion”, published last March, wrote the chorus editions, “Personality and Arabo-Islam” and “Europe and Islam”, as he wrote. Co-authored or contributed to the writing of several works.

With the announcement of the death of this talented scientist with a sharp mind, deep, indescribable and renewed thinking, tributes were paid from all quarters, on social networks, to pay homage to a scientific and philosophical figure.

In a statement, Tunisian President Gosseit said, “The disappearance of the late Hiechem Dijat is a leading national figure, and a scientific highlight, whose memory will remain forever in the history of the cultural scene, the country, and the Arab-Muslim world.”

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“The next generation will remember his contributions and discuss his ideas, studies and works in the fields of thought, history and human sciences,” said President Sachit.