September 20, 2021

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Tunisia: Health Minister Fouzi Mehdi has been fired

The head of the Trojan government, Hichem Messichi, on Tuesday decided to sack Health Minister Fouzi Mehdi, at the height of the corona virus pollution, his services announced in a press release.

The presidency of the government announced its decision in a brief statement, without explaining the reasons for the dismissal.

Fouzi Mehdi is behind the temporary opening of the vaccine to all Tunisians over the age of 18 for two days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, leading to emergencies at vaccination centers.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health banned the vaccination of people over 40 years of age.

Fouzi Mehdi replaced

With the reshuffle pending, Social Affairs Minister Mohamed Tropelsi will become interim health minister in a government already weakened by the resignation of several ministers who have not been transferred.

Notably, President Gossett refused to allow ministers to take office in January, but it was verified by parliament.

The president clashed with the main parliamentary party, the Islamic Movement Ennada, and last August, Mr. Appointed Messichi.

The reshuffle of about a dozen ministers forced Ennatha to reassure the government of the support of its parliamentary coalition.

The Ministry of Health later appointed a doctor from Suzuki (East), but Fouzi Mehdi retained his portfolio thanks to this political crisis.

Morocco on the bed of Tunisia

Following the worsening of the epidemic situation in Tunisia, King Mohammed VI issued instructions for a dispatch due to the sharp increase in pollution and deaths associated with Govt-19. Medical assistance Emergency for this fraternal country.

Medical assistance was dispatched Made up of two complete and autonomous revitalization units with a total of 100 beds. It includes 100 respirators and two oxygen generators with a capacity of 33 m3 / h each. Sent by help Flights Royal Air Force.

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This decision of King Mohammed VI is part of the bond of deep unity between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Tunisia, as well as the true brotherhood that unites the two fraternal peoples.

Following the arrival of the emergency medical aid ordered by King Mohammed VI in the country of Maghreb, the President of the Republic of Tunisia on Thursday expressed his gratitude and respect to the Kingdom of Morocco.

“The presidency of the Republic expresses its heartfelt gratitude and expresses its high regard for the Kingdom of Morocco’s brother, monarch and people following the arrival of emergency medical assistance,” the President pointed out on his official website.

This noble endeavor embodies the bonds of brotherhood between President Guiz Syed and King Mohammed VI, the same source said, which also illustrates the deeply rooted unity and mutual aid relations between the Tunisian and Moroccan peoples.