April 10, 2021

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Touch of cold Britannia

London. Somehow you can imagine Noel Gallagher pulling on a prompt instead of a Rolls Royce in front of Tenth Downing Street. Oasis musician with a trendy folding bike on the way to political reception, it would have been appropriate at the time – in 1997, when pop star Gallagher celebrated his election victory with new Prime Minister Tony Blair. When discontent around Cool Britannia peaked, London began to play again, with music, fashion and design from Great Britain being celebrated around the world.

Manufacturer Prompton Bicycles’ bicycles were still an important place at that time, but in today’s Jeetzist environment they are reminiscent of that point. There is no union jack in the paint work of the frames. Still, like the company, the product is through the British and through it – and in a positive way, unlike in the 1990s, you have to add in 2021.

City dwellers as the target group

The UK’s reputation may have been tarnished by Brexit. But at the factory site in west London, it only plays a subordinate role. On the contrary, it makes noise, they are soldering in one corner, and in another they screw parts of the wheels together. The company’s boss Will Butler-Adams has no confidence due. The 46-year-old, with his shorts, T-shirt and dress not exactly matching the classic manager’s figure, has big plans for his folding bikes. He wanted nothing less than to change society in urban areas.

“The world has become more urban, we’re richer, but are we happier? I do not think so,” says Britain. We need to remember what life is all about, “Butler-Adams said.” About the people, about the family, about the quality of life. Bicycles are the most efficient means of transportation. It does not pollute the environment, you burn calories instead of fossil fuels. “

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The special thing about Prompton, except for the average price of 1500 euros: it is pre-determined for city dwellers. Bicycle to the office or from meeting to meeting, instead of plugging it somewhere, you can fold it up in seconds and leave it under the desk or in the dressing room. Or you can wrap it up after an evening in the bubble on a taxi, train or even a plane with luggage in your hand. There are now electric models with a removable battery. And there are more and more on the streets of this world.

Expansion of cycle paths is not only a priority in London

To reduce air pollution, the mayors of a number of large cities have been promoting the “bicycle revolution” as London chief Sadiq Khan called it. Planners are considering expanding the lanes – in the British capital, Paris or Singapore. With success. The number of people who are not in the mood for active tunnels and instead of jumping on the saddle has been increasing exponentially over the years. Has accelerated the development of corona infection.

In fact, thousands of Londoners have switched to bicycles in the banking district or political Westminster. More often than not, one finds that Prompton’s folding bikes are just as different as they are stylish. But Butler-Adams is less than appealing about the practice. “It’s not a fashion item, it’s an engineering job.” That is why the Germans are enjoying this to a great extent. Prompton currently sells one-third of its bikes to the EU, one-third to Asia and 10 percent to the United States.

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“Keep calm and move on”

But the company, which produced about 65,000 bikes last year and has tripled since 2016, wants to expand further, especially in continental Europe and especially in Germany, where Prompton now has its own location, the first channel on the other side of English, to open. Despite Brexit. Medium-sized companies in particular are currently stumbling in the aftermath of leaving the EU. For example, 20 to 25 percent of a Prompton bike is imported from the EU, which is now more time consuming, requires more bureaucracy and incurs additional costs. This also applies to the export of goods to the continent.

Since the end of the Brexit transition phase on January 1, not much noise has been heard from the London industry or other companies. On the contrary, it is a mixture of peace, pragmatism and peaceful faith. “Of course the extra effort and costs are annoying, but is this the end of the world? No, it’s a little more complicated,” Butler-Adams said. “We’re facing a climate emergency, and that’s the big issue.”

The glorious goal seems to fit the island again: “Keep calm, keep going” – keep calm.