April 10, 2021

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Threatens to collapse trade with Great Britain

London / D டுsseldorf. Upgrading the roof, a new kitchen or a shed – German artisans are highly valued in the UK when it comes to contract work. Because, unlike their British counterparts, they enjoy a better reputation. But the main site built by many German companies in Great Britain now threatens to secede. The reason – like many economic problems – is Brexit. “Providing on-site services is only possible with a visa, and visa regulations are highly regulated,” says Karl-Martin Fischer, foreign trade consulting German business and investment.

Simply start working across the English Channel, or deliver quickly across borders – this has been the situation for decades. Andreas Paulie, managing director of Vaughan Paulie in Welbert, says: “We are spoiled. But it’s over.

Visa for artisans: University degree or certificate of German master craftsman required

A visa would be appropriate for traders: to be contract service providers, i.e. to provide contract services. But, Fisher explains, this visa requires a university degree, i.e. at least a bachelor’s degree. “The fact that the certificate of the German master craftsman is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree only helps to a certain extent,” says the expert. “Because in case of doubt it will not be the master who provides the service, but if in doubt he will send someone and want to stay at home.”

But that’s not all: a “sponsorship license” from the British customer side requires a kind of financial guarantee. You have to apply to the British Home Office, which costs a lot of money, time and administrative effort. Finally, the construction industry has a UK national reservation, so London does not currently guarantee market access. Most German artisans in Great Britain work in the building trade.

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According to them, a comparison to the Fischer Brexit agreement applies: “Imagine that you are 60 years old and about to retire. You have always eaten with a good appetite and then try again in your confirmation case, ”says the expert. “This is what you have to imagine the contract in terms of services. I will modify it and it will no longer work.” No statistics are available on the number of affected businesses. For example, there are exceptions for machine builders who agree to installation or maintenance in the sales contract. Are allowed to send.

Frustrated companies: “No legal guarantee”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen have strongly criticized the Brexit deal, which was agreed on Christmas Eve, just days before the UK leaves the EU customs union and the domestic market. Although nationwide fees are avoided, the change is enormous. “Very short-lived,” complains industrial plant supplier Paulie. Over the weeks, officials have been asked what documents are needed, he says. Responsible bodies: heavy load.

This is a severe blow to companies that have been operating in the UK for a long time. There is frustration, uncertainty is great. “There is no legal protection,” says Christian Cohen, Denisworst’s master carpenter. He continues to accept applications from the UK and, like his clients, hopes the rules will change again. But the chances are bad for now. According to the Home Office in London, immigration is not the answer to the shortage of skilled workers.

UK Home Office: Workers face uncertain future

“The government wants to ensure that employers focus on investing in the qualifications of our own employees and reducing our dependence on foreign workers,” the ministry said in a statement. Many workers face an uncertain future. “Instead of considering immigration as the primary solution, first aid should be sought for employers with vacancies.”

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It is hoped that the government will pledge to introduce a new “Global Business Mobility” visa by May 2022. But until then, Brexit sanctions threaten to dry up business. The full extent will only be seen in a few months – when the fight against corona infection will allow a smooth journey again. Some artisans will notice that Great Britain is closed to them.