February 25, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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Those who refuse to be isolated face up to ten years in prison

AWhen Britain’s vaccination program began in December, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called it a “way out of the disease” and thus there was no locking up. But as more and more Britons are being vaccinated, they see freedom of movement being curtailed. It tightened the rules this week after the government announced it was forced to stay in isolated hotels for Britons returning from dangerous countries.

Beginning next Monday, the returnee must take at least three tests: one before entering the country and two after. Violations are subject to severe penalties. Individuals who give false information about their travel history upon entering the country face up to ten years in prison. It is not a good idea to book summer vacation rentals whether at home or abroad. Transport Minister Grant Shops said it was “too fast” for that.

“Not related to reality”

So far, this is the threat of high imprisonment for false statements met with opposition. The MEP, which represents the so-called locking suspects in the Conservative group. Steve Baker on Wednesday spoke of “viral repression at all costs” and “begged” the government to “suspend”. “Sometimes we have to drive our general knowledge and return to moderation,” he said.

Former Supreme Court President Jonathan Champaign has accused Health Secretary Matt Hong Kong of losing touch with reality. This link is “finally broken”. In an article for the Daily Telegraph, the constitutional lawyer asked: “Does Mr. Hancock really believe that a visit to Portugal is worse than violent guns or child sex crimes, punishable by up to seven years in prison?”

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