April 10, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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This is how Great Britain sees the situation in Germany

London. The song of praise became so loud that the English rolled their eyes when it was presented as a model with Germany.

Despite the UK government getting lost in a jigsaw and reluctant to take action, the kingdom remains one of the worst-hit countries in Europe in terms of cowardly deaths and economics, having done well in the Federal Republic last year.

Many longed for a strong leader when Chancellor Angela Merkel was on the island. “How exactly did Germany get it, Great Britain misunderstood it”, he wrote, “The Telegraph” is thus precisely the Euroseptic newspaper traditionally attacking the continent first and foremost.

Meanwhile no one is jealous of the Federal Republic. Instead, many British people are simply shaking their heads at the confusion surrounding the distribution of vaccines, the bureaucracy and the recent Astrogenage vaccine ban. On the other hand, this project is having great success on the island. Nearly 55 percent of adults have already received the first vaccine.

The graphics showing the vaccine progress of the British compared to other European countries are often not adequately presented by the media, politicians and commentators. “We are not jealous of you”, the headline of The Sun recently stated, “The only German word known to most Britons: Shadenfruit”.

The article is malicious, including references to the famous strip match between the British and German hotel holidays. Brexit supporters see the problems on the continent as the ultimate proof of why leaving the EU was the best decision for the state.

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Meanwhile, Merkel’s recent Easter U-turn reminded audiences of Prime Minister Boris Johnson that she had to pick up a lot of criticism for the numerous U-turns and broken promises she made last year. He is now acting very cautiously – and politically benefiting from the vaccine campaign.

Gone are the days of confusing news from Downing Street. There have been strict locks for almost three months, including a travel ban and a “stay at home” rule. It will only change in the next few weeks with the steps opening reluctantly. On June 21, the government wants to remove all corona rules – and help restore normalcy.