March 6, 2021

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“This is a unique national victory”: More than 90 per cent of people over the age of 70 in Great Britain have been vaccinated – Politics

In the UK, more than 90 per cent of people over the age of 70 are vaccinated against the corona virus for the first time. This means that more than one in four adults in Great Britain have already received their first safety shovel. About 15 million citizens, and thus the most vulnerable groups, were vaccinated with the first dose in mid-February – Prime Minister Boris Johnson noted earlier this year as an ambitious milestone.

“This is a unique national victory,” the prime minister hailed Monday. This is the first real victory of his government in the corona epidemic – after unprecedented series of bankruptcies and erroneous decisions.

Thanks to the quick approval, Great Britain started vaccinating on December 8 – creating tremendous momentum in the first few weeks. Vaccination centers are open every week, and general practitioners and pharmacies are allowed to help quickly. The vaccine became an event, for example in the arena or at the famous cathedral in Salisbury, where seniors were given immunity to organ noises.

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As EU countries began vaccinating earlier this year, it became clear that things were converging here and there on the continent: many hooks seemed to be working very quietly on the British vaccination program, and the government had repeatedly announced new daily records.

Conservative Brexiters did not take long to sell this as the initial success of leaving the EU: finally getting rid of the EU’s annoying, slow factories – hence the story. But Kate Bingham, head of the British Vaccine Task Force, did not even think about this explanation. His long association with the pharmaceutical industry has enabled him to call on vaccine manufacturers directly and conclude extensive deals at an early stage, he recently told Wealth of Zondak.

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The British people can be vaccinated three times

If other promising vaccine candidates, such as Johnson & Johnson or Novax, were allowed in, Great Britain would have ordered enough vaccine doses to vaccinate its own people three times. These are the numbers one can only dream of in the EU, where commission chairman Ursula van der Leyen, meanwhile, has admitted purchase mistakes. Not to mention the poorer countries.

Azim Majeed, a doctor at the Imperial College London, a German press organization, said: “The government gambled – in this case it paid off.

The WHO has already called on the British to provide vaccine doses to the elderly and vulnerable in the country as soon as they are vaccinated. But the Johnson administration did not think about it at all. It is committed to supporting poor countries, for example on the initiative of Kovacs, but is soon committed to vaccinating its own people.

According to Sky News, ministers who never tired of celebrating the vaccine from Oxford University and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca as a “great British victory” would have wanted Union Jack to print its bottle on the British national flag.

“It’s nationalist and not necessary to portray this as a product of the country,” Paul Williams, an English family physician, said in an interview with the broadcaster. In some cases this leads people to reject the biotech vaccine because they want to wait for the “English vaccine”.

Dissatisfaction with the “Britain First” strategy culminated in the eruption of a dispute with the European Union, whose member states have so far ignored the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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The group delivers significantly fewer cans to the continent in the first quarter of the year than initially expected. According to the report, there are clear provisions in the UK agreement with AstraZeneca that the vaccine manufactured in the country will also be assigned to the country. CEO Pascal Soriot said the EU only ordered its vaccine dose later.

Vaccine expert Majeed expects the differences between Great Britain and European countries to come out even sooner – that is, when more vaccines become available, Great Britain will have to distribute the second dose.

More faith than science

But from an epidemiological point of view, the British attack is not without risk: in order for more people to be vaccinated quickly, the country sets the gap between the first and second vaccination levels, which are essential for full protection, at twelve weeks apart. Although this is now considered to be scientifically proven by the astrogenic vaccine, it differs from the agent of Biotech and Pfizer. The manufacturer recommends an interval of three to four weeks.

There is more hope than science that it is going well anyway. Meanwhile, Majeed, of Imperial College London, said there was a lack of adequate immunity and the risk of new mutations was very high. If it had been for him, his country would have followed Biotech’s recommendation.

In addition, contrary to what is common in Germany, the British did not return the second quantity to the person in question on the first shovel, but trust that the supply chains would be stable and adequately available later. It remains to be seen whether this will be fulfilled. A few days ago it was said that the speed of vaccination from Scotland should be slowed down – because Biotech / Pfizer funds are at least temporarily in short supply.

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“This is not a moment to relax,” Johnson said. “The danger is very real.” Nevertheless, his goals are ambitious: by the end of April all Britons over the age of 50 must have their first storage shovels. (dpa)