October 19, 2021

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The World Bank has announced that it will provide more funding for vaccines – Parliament


The World Bank has decided to increase its aid package to developing countries by $ 8 billion to $ 20 billion, its chairman David Malpas announced Wednesday.

The company, which approved a $ 12 billion start-up last October, has so far spent only $ 4 billion on projects in 51 countries.. “The distribution of vaccines from advanced economies has not happened very quickly”, Acknowledged by David Malpas during the virtual press conference, explaining the recession of the deployment of this fund and the announcement of additional funding.

But he expects an acceleration in the coming months. “We are trying to see the future”He stressed that the epidemic was not over and that all vulnerable countries should call for this funding at any time, even when vaccines are available. David Malpas said the use of vaccines in advanced economies will gradually decline over the next few months and will be acquired by other countries, especially in the United States.

$ 150 billion since the outbreak

For his part, World Bank Acting Director Axel von Trotsonberg noted that this funding could be used in the event of the next waves of the epidemic or for needs. ¬ęBooster, I.e. booster shots when initial injections are no longer effective.

Since the outbreak, the World Bank Group has approved more than $ 150 billion in funding to address the health, economic and social impact of the health crisis. “Since April 2020, the Bank has increased its funding by more than 50%, helping more than 100 countries meet emergency health needs, prepare for epidemics, and at the same time help countries protect the poor and needy.”, Recalled the company in a press release.

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