September 21, 2021

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The UN promises to continue to help the people

“The United Nations in Afghanistan is committed to helping the millions of people in need in the country,” said Rameez Alakbarov, a humanitarian co-ordinator in Afghanistan, who says the majority of humanitarian workers are in the country.

“The humanitarian community – the UN and NGOs – are committed to helping the people in Afghanistan. Although the situation is more complex, humanitarian agencies are more determined than ever to support the vulnerable people we need,” he added.

“UNICEF’s work for children and families across the country continues, despite the growing crisis. As I speak to you, our Director of Emergencies and our Regional Director in Kabul landed two days ago,” said Mustafa Ben Mesoud, Head of Emergency and Field Operations at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Humanitarian press conference.

Continuing this mission for the women and children of Afghanistan is more important than ever and our support. Violations must end, hard-won rights, including women’s education, must be protected and humanitarian assistance must be provided to the millions of children in need, ”she said. He recalled that half of the population – more than 18 million people, including nearly 10 million children – needed humanitarian assistance.

“All of these people need UNICEF access and all the security guarantees that come with that access,” he said. He said the UN was increasingly concerned about the escalation of serious violations, especially the recruitment of children by armed groups.

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