September 21, 2021

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The Texas Delta was overwhelmed by diversity

Daniel Wilkinson, 46, survived two 12- and 15-month trips to Afghanistan, but died of a simple gallbladder in Texas on August 22, after his condition slowly deteriorated before being seen by doctors. Yet he lived an hour and a half by car (or 30 minutes by helicopter) from Houston, one of the world’s medical capitals. But the Texas healthcare system is simply overwhelmed by the pollution of the delta variant of Govit-19. In this state, one of the richest in the world’s leading power, 14,700 people were hospitalized on September 1, almost more than the January record (14,900). “Our hospitals are almost full,” confirms Roberta Swartz, executive vice president of the Houston Methodist Hospital, a local hospital team. “In the previous waves we had only 750 patients. Now we have 820 to 850.” Due to lack of space, the meeting room was converted into a maintenance unit. So rural clinics need to have patients who cannot treat themselves. On August 21, Daniel Wilkinson was admitted to his only hospital in a block from his home in Belleville, which has a population of 4,000. Lacking the means to intervene to save him, the company immediately sought to arrange his transfer by helicopter, which usually took thirty minutes. “Our team and our doctor tried to get this transfer without a break for more than six hours,” laments Daniel Bong Fach, CEO of Bellville Medical Center. Frustrated, even the emergency doctor “went to Facebook and tried to relocate him.” Before he could change his mind five minutes later, a doctor volunteered to take the patient to his hospital near the capital, Austin: no more room. “Every day, we get calls from those in charge of rural hospitals, who are actively trying to get their patients where they want to go,” said John Henderson, president of the Torch Association, which unites these companies. By and large, Texas has 158 more states than any other state. According to him, unfortunately, Daniel Wilkinson’s case is not isolated: “Not a day goes by without a situation that ends badly with the death of a patient this week”, John Henderson continues. This desperate search makes hospital staff feel helpless and overwhelmed. Renee Boulder, who manages the Belville Nurse team, said, “There is not a whole day to call all the hospitals across the state of Texas and find someone who accepts our patient. The hospital should not have an intensive care unit. However, like many others, he has to pretend.” The patient is. Govt positive, he needs intensive treatment and he has been maintained for 11 days because we could not find a center with superior care! ”Renee Boulder continues. The government is helping to bring the two men down to a local hotel and start work in Belleville on Wednesday, which is very comforting to the crew, one from Pennsylvania and the other from Alabama, who each provide six guards per week. I had a heart attack the day before. “I came here and did what they could, but they were stunned. They tried to move me to another place, but no one wanted to take me. From what I understand, no one is going here! “Finally her health has improved and her transfer is no longer needed. Soon she will be able to go home. Daniel Wilkinson’s mother has requested donations on the GoFundMe site to cover the costs of her death.

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