April 10, 2021

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The number of daily deaths in Great Britain is less than half a year

In Great Britain, the number of new CoV deaths has dropped to a half-year low. Authorities in London today arrested 33 Co. Deaths were reported to have been calculated, the lowest number since the beginning of October. Observers rated this as a sign that the vaccine strategy, which is particularly heavily affected by the infectious virus variant B.1.1.7, is working in the country. January and February had peak values ​​of more than 1,000 CoV deaths per day.

As of yesterday, 96 new CoV deaths have been estimated in Great Britain. Today the number of new infections is 5,312, which is lower than the previous day’s value (5,587). However, the decrease was much smaller than CoV mortality, which was taken as an indication that the vaccine would not be effective against infections, but against severe courses and mortality.

Meanwhile, 27.6 million people in the former EU member country have received at least one dose of the corona virus vaccine, which affects more than half of the country’s adults. 2.3 million people have already received both vaccines. There are about 67 million people living in the UK.

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