September 21, 2021

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The north, which has lost electricity, telephone and internet, is almost shut down on H24info

The Accar region in northern Lebanon was cut off from the world on Tuesday due to power outages and telecommunications disruption caused by fuel shortages.

According to the World Bank, Lebanon has been going through one of the worst economic crises in the world since the middle of the 19th century, with shortages of petrol and drugs – all of which make daily life difficult.

State electricity is now cut off for up to 22 hours a day. Due to fuel shortages and rising prices, neighboring generators, which are usually taken, are forced into ration electricity.

According to the National Information Agency (ANI), due to fuel shortages, “many parts of Acre have land and cellular telephone networks, but are experiencing total disruption of the Internet.”

The cuts affected “the banking and financial sectors, manufacturing services, but also public and private companies.”

A petrol tank exploded in this area of ​​Akkarai on Sunday, killing at least 28 people and injuring nearly 80 others, adding to the pressure on the already suffocating hospital department.

On Tuesday, several Accar hospitals sounded the alarm about fuel shortages.

“We only have 700 liters (of fuel), which is only enough until tomorrow,” Riyadh Rahal, director of Rahal Private Hospital, told AFP. .

He promised to contact several fuel suppliers. He said they had to provide phone transactions first.

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The L-Youssef Hospital Center (CHY) is also looking for fuel oil, says Natalie L-Shar, public administration assistant.

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“Since yesterday, standard lines have not been in service,” he told AFP.

In Halba, like Coimbatore (north), telecommunications are “temporarily suspended” due to “fuel shortages,” said Imad Kriti, general manager of Okoro, a public telephone company and Internet provider.

“If the fuel crisis continues, what is happening in Akkarai will spread to other areas.”

The shooting took place at a gas station in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

The ANI agency said it was “wounded” without further details, adding that the military had arrested several people responsible for the shooting.

According to security sources, individuals who had stored fuel at the gas station opened fire on the army, which had been hunting for petrol stocks for several days.

According to sources, they set fire to the station, accusing its owner of warning the military.

In another tweet, the Lebanese military said it had seized 4.3 million liters of petrol and 2.2 million liters of fuel oil between Saturday and Monday evening.

He said those who held them were forced to sell almost all of their petrol and 1.6 million liters of fuel oil to hospitals, bakeries and electric utilities and distribute them a little more free of charge to citizens.