April 10, 2021

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The Netherlands lifted the landing ban from Great Britain

The Dutch government has lifted a ban on flights from the UK.

This was reported by a special magazine Aero. According to Dutch government representatives, there is no point in following this regulation as the mutated virus variant from Great Britain has already spread within the country. An overview.

The mutated virus variant from Great Britain is widespread domestically

At a press conference earlier this week, representatives of the Dutch government announced that they would suspend the landing ban on flights from Great Britain from Monday (March 8, 2021). Due to mutated virus variants from Great Britain and South Africa, air links departing from the Kingdom have not been allowed to land in the Netherlands for several weeks. However, with some exceptions, travelers from outside the EU, including students and business travelers, are barred from entering.


In conclusion, government representatives felt that it was pointless to follow this regulation in light of the already widespread mutant virus strains in the country. Since last Monday, boats from Great Britain have been allowed to go back to the dock, and planes have been allowed to land again. Passengers must still deliver a negative test result from Covit-19 and be isolated upon arrival in the Netherlands.

Decision to end landing ban from Great Britain

If a government in the current situation and the general uncertainty of all types of mutated virus strains of Govt-19 from Great Britain and South Africa repeal the current measures to control the infection rate, this is primarily positive – often relief news. However, if such a decision is made on the basis that it is “meaningless” to take action due to the already exorbitant infection rate and the domestic spread of these mutations, the news seems unfortunately very confusing.

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