April 10, 2021

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The mother sees the baby for the first time in five weeks

Ellie Wright suffered from corona disease during pregnancy. After giving birth, she was placed in an artificial coma. She is still weak – but her baby was finally able to see her for the first time.

Moving story: Five weeks after birth, a mother with coronavirus saw her baby for the first time in Great Britain. The BBC and Sky News reported that Ellie Wright, 20, did not straighten up as she was still weak, but took the hand of her son Leo.

The young woman suffered during the 30th week of pregnancy. However, a hospital in the middle English city of Walsall said she was unable to receive any treatment needed to survive before the baby was born. After Leo was born by caesarean section, his mother was placed in an artificial coma for several weeks.

It takes a 20 year old to be fit again. After several weeks of artificial respiration, she had to learn to eat, drink, talk, and walk again. Baby Leo is growing wonderfully and has since been discharged from the hospital, his grandmother Michael Stankovich said.

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