September 21, 2021

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The global incidence of novel corona virus infections in August was stable

With more than 4.4 million new Covit-19 cases reported last week (August 30 to September 5), the global Corona virus outbreak has remained stable over the past month, the organization said on Wednesday. )

Over the past week, all regions have declined (Africa, Southeast Asia and the eastern Mediterranean) or a similar trend in new cases compared to the previous week (Europe and the western Pacific), the WHO reports.

The U.S. region alone reported a 19% increase, with a “significant increase in the number of cases and deaths over the past week” and more than 1.7 million new cases and more than 26,000 new deaths, an increase of 19% and 17%, respectively.

According to the WHO, these are “the largest proportion of cases in the region compared to the previous week”.

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A large number of new cases have been reported from the United States. The United States reported a 38% increase, with more than 1,297,399 new cases and the highest number of new infections in the region.

Brazil (152,154 new cases; 13% decrease) and Mexico (93,977 new cases; 18% decrease).

In addition to these countries in the United States, India also reported the highest number of new cases (293,643 new cases; an increase of 8%), the United Kingdom (243,125 new cases; as in the previous week) and Iran (208,089 new cases, an 18% decrease).

Of the deaths, 11,946 new deaths were reported in the United States, an increase of 63%). The highest number of new deaths reported in the region and globally were: Mexico (5,071 new deaths; same as the previous week) and Brazil (4,344 new deaths; 10% down).

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In more detail, the number of deaths worldwide this week was the same as the previous week, with less than 68,000 new deaths. The incidence of new deaths has decreased in all regions except the United States and Europe region, where mortality has increased by 17% and 20%, respectively.

Regionally, this week saw the largest proportion of new deaths in Southeast Asia (21% decline) and Africa (26% decline).

According to a report established by the World Health Organization on Wednesday, more than 221,134,742 cases have been officially diagnosed since the outbreak and, as of September 6, 2021, a total of 5,352,927,296 vaccines have been administered.

Worldwide, cases of alpha (British) variant have been reported in 194 countries (a new country since last week), territories or regions.

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