April 10, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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The EU should be blamed

AThe European tragedy with the vaccine was not the fault of the Americans, not the British, and now it is not even too late to deliver. The responsibility lies with the EU, which, at the discretion of the member states, should at least get the vaccines last year, not the federal government.

This ambition did not apply to the execution and has now unfortunately changed. The EU has concluded enough agreements, but among other things it has not noticed the need to support production as well. You can see how it ended up every day from international vaccination statistics. Compared to some other developed countries, the European vaccination campaign has so far managed the deficit.

It is for this reason that the EU is now discussing export restrictions. It is difficult to judge from the outside whether what President Michael said is true, i.e. Britain is a barrier to vaccine exports. However, it is certain that the EU does not have a clean slate here. He has already banned exports to Australia.

Two more things are certain: first, it is basically about Astra-Geneca again, so one wonders why the EU has not finally got its dealings with this group. Second, the controversy once again reveals that relations between London and Brussels have been plagued by post-traumatic stress disorder. This will probably outweigh the infection.

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