October 19, 2021

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The epidemic has led to an increase in human trafficking, denigrating Washington – Parliament


The United States on Thursday described the Govt-19 epidemic as a “creation”.Excellent environmentTo develop human trafficking around the world, governments are diverting their resources to the health crisis, while smugglers have the opportunity to target the most vulnerable.

The kidnappers have come forward in the face of the devastating economic crisis. “False promises“Jobs”Include children“From Poor Families,”Other families exploited or sold their children5, refers to the State Department’s annual report on this suffering. Examples come from all over the world.

17 Listed Countries

Some in India and NepalYoung women (…) from poor and rural areas were forced to marry to help their families. «Accounts show that in the United States, the United Kingdom and Uruguay, landowners forced their tenants (mostly women) to have sex with themIf they can no longer pay their rent. “In Haiti, Niger and Mali, gangs operating in refugee camps are taking advantage of declining security and security, forcing residents to submit to paid sex.»

«The association of a large number of individuals at risk of infection, the ability of exploiters to exploit multiple crises and the reorganization of (government) resources toward the fight against epidemics have created and evolved an ideal environment for human trafficking to flourish.”, Underscoring a senior official in US diplomacy.

Beyond the epidemic, Guinea-Bissau and Malaysia are on the U.S. blockade list of 17 countries that, in Washington’s view, do not meet the minimum criteria for the fight against human trafficking and make little effort to achieve it. These include Afghanistan, Algeria, Burma, China, the Comoros, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, Russia, South Sudan, Syria, Turkmenistan and Venezuela.

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This blockchain could lead to sanctions or the withdrawal of US aid. Turkey is not on the list, but “Recruited and used child soldiers in Syria and Libya. «This is the first time it has been included in the NATO membership list“From countries that recruit child soldiers,” the senior official said.