October 19, 2021

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The electoral mask and repression confirm Algeria’s classification of “dictatorial rule.”

# Algeria : The Democratic Code of Economic Intelligence reiterates that Algeria has not lost its reputation as a “dictatorial regime.” Hirk’s repression and past legislative elections underscore the repressive nature of a force at stake.

Repression, recorded voter turnout, a ban on demonstrations, and the Algerian regime’s amplify the symptoms of a totalitarian dictatorship, justifying its classification as a “dictatorial regime” by the British think tank The Economist Intelligence Unit and its subsidiary The Economist Group.

L ‘Indis de The Economist Intelligence Unit Its report reviewed 167 countries based on 5 families of basic criteria: electoral process and pluralism, civil rights, government functioning, political participation and political culture.

On the basis of each criterion, including sub-indicators, each country is classified into 1 of 4 types of regimes: absolute democracy, imperfect democracy, hybrid rule and dictatorial rule, ranging from 0 to 10 points. .

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According to the report, Algeria is one of 57 dictatorial regimes with a score of 2.5 points / 10 for government performance, 3.08 points for electoral process and pluralism and 3.82 points for civil rights.e World rankings, with countries such as North Korea, Syria and Iran. It lags far behind its Maghreb neighbor Tunisia (54)e World) and Morocco (96)e Worldwide).

According to the 5 criteria of the London Think Tank Index, the democratic situation continues to deteriorate. Thus, at the level of the electoral process, the last legislative elections gave birth to a national legislature, which is similar, misunderstood, rooms of the Bouteflika era and many more. With the lowest turnout in the country’s history at less than 23%, there is no justification for the new Algerian parliament. Executive power is based on a national legislature, whose political parties (FLN, RND, MSP, etc.) are denigrated. As for the other parties, they wanted a boycott, thus responding to the will of the people who ruled that the conditions for transparent elections had not been met, condemning the control of the military.

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Clearly, the ballot is a real electoral mask and an inverted plane from an illegal regime, dominated by an opaque and elite political system, from which the people’s movement demands to get out.

Then, at the civil rights level, the rule of the current president will be greater than that of his predecessors. In addition to the repression against the popular movement that has intensified in recent weeks, there are several hundred Hirak prisoners. This repression, which specifically targets supporters of this opposition movement, has not left the media men, many of whom are still languishing in the regime’s prisons.

This ranking of the British think tank, which qualifies the regime as a dictatorship, only confirms a reality that is increasingly expressed and determined by all.

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Ahead of the legislative elections on Saturday, June 12, a noise is gradually blocking the democratic will of the Algerians who are about to complete the institutional normalization of the country. In the face of a nonviolent movement, a massive, unequal repression, better than Hirak, this popular street movement has been demanding since independence in 1962, after President Apolage Bouteflika left in April 2019. The arrival of a real civilian and non-military state, ”an editorial in the French daily condemned The world Before the Assembly election.

The editor-in-chief added, “The new head of state, like his predecessors, is a man of the military, a user of the reality of power, ensuring transparency, transparency and freedom by seeking to curb all forms of demand.”

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Thus, after the forced departure of former President Apologie Bouteflika, after thanking Hirak, the current head of state, who took advantage of the opposition movement, promised change through the slogan “New Algeria”. However, restrictions on their freedom are also deeply disappointing for Algerians facing a significant decline in the human rights situation. Restrictions on the political sphere and restrictions on individual and public liberties have become a rule in the absence of recognition of the regime.

In November 2020, all members of the European Parliament (only 669 delegates and 3 members) condemned the repression of human rights activists and the media, brutally narrowing the space for civil liberties, particularly for civilian arrests and arbitrary detention of peaceful HRC activists Restrictions on liberty, torture cases in police stations and the Directorate General of Homeland Security (DGSI).

According to the National Committee for the Release of Prisoners (CNLT), at least 260 people are currently incarcerated for acts related to hirak and / or personal liberties.

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Faced with this situation, more than 80 Algerian and international NGOs have recently appealed to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) about the “expansion of repression” of Algerian authorities and the “relentless criminalization of fundamental freedoms”.

Therefore, as the situation of independence worsens, we should expect Algeria to descend further into the abyss in future reports by organizations such as The Economist analyzing the evolution of democracy and liberties in the world. Country.

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