April 10, 2021

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That’s why ships now float through the air at Cornwall

Mirage alarm at sea

Rare phenomenon in the UK. Residents of Cornwall, Devon and Aberdeenshire were suddenly amazed to see ships floating at sea. This is because layers of cold and hot air can lead to a canal water. People from the regions captured the show in impressive photos.

In the past few days, the Daily Mail has reported that more photos of floating ships have surfaced. After the effect was initially confusing, the researchers quickly came up with a solution: it was a canal water. It forms a canal water when the sun warms the atmosphere over land or sea. As a result, the temperature rises, creating an image that does not match reality, as our graphic shows.

Experts explain the spectacular images

A spokesman for the National Weather Service of Great Britain said of a recent sighting in Cornwall: “This phenomenon occurs on the surface of the water and is caused by the varying positions of the wind in many layers.” Fota morganas are not uncommon in the Arctic, but they are rare in Great Britain.

BBC meteorologist David commented on the spectacular images of the brain. “Because cold air is denser than hot air, it shines light on the eyes of people standing on the ground or on the beach, changing the appearance of a distant object,” he said.

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