February 25, 2021

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Texaspecial: February 15, 1971: Decimal currency introduced in Great Britain and Ireland.

1851: Foundation of the German Company in Cross.
1936: In Spain, the Left parties of the People’s Front (Frende Popular) win parliamentary elections.
1936: The first “Volkswagen” (VW) is presented at the International Motor Show in Berlin. German chemical company IG Bourbon introduces the first car tires made of synthetic rubber (PUNA).
1951: A conference on the creation of a European security community begins in Paris, but fails in 1954 due to opposition from the French parliament.
1956: Urho Kalewa Kekonen, leader of the Agrarian Party, was elected President of Finland after Juho Kusti Pasikiv. He remained in office until 1982.
1961: Belgian jet engine crashes near Brussels. Almost the entire American figure skating team was one of 73 dead on the way to the World Cup in Prague.
1966: Colombian guerrilla priest Camilo Torres is killed in battle.
1971: England and Ireland introduce decimal currency. (Instead of 20 shillings at 12 pence per head, there is 100 pence per pound).
1971: The second round of talks on an interim agreement between Austria and the EEC begins in Brussels.
1996: The Liberian tanker “Sea Empress” runs off the southwest coast of Wales, causing an oil spill.
2001: Triangle Bank goes bankrupt in Vienna
2006: A second series of tests on dead swans found in Mellock, southern Styria, confirms the suspicion of bird flu. H5N1 virus detected. In the following weeks, the carcasses of migratory birds that had died of bird flu were found again and again in Austria and Europe. Protection zones are being established, and poultry is temporarily mandatory in this country, but fortunately does not spread to humans. Fear of transmission of the virus from person to person does not occur.

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Birthday: Michael Pretorius, German composer (1571-1621); Johann Heinrich Dishbein, German painter (1751-1829); August Freeher von der Height, Prussia. Politician (1801-1874); Alfred North Whitehead, British philosopher (1861-1947); Charles Edward Quilm, French-Swiss. Physicist; Nobel Prize 1920 (1861-1938); Begum Om Habiba (formerly Yevet Laprose), widow after Aga Khan III. (Leader of the Ismailis) (1906-2000); Leonard Woodcock, American trade unionist (1911-2001); Asher Ben-Nadan (formerly Arthur Bearnikars), Eastern Israel. Diplomate (1921-2014); Claire Bloom, British actress (1931); Jane Seymour, British actress (1951); Oscar Freyer, Spanish cyclist (1976).
Days of death: Gottholt Ephraim Lessing, German poet and philosopher (1729-1781); Theodore Escherich, German-East. Pediatrician and bacteriologist (1857-1911); Arthur Brecha-Vautier, East. Librarian, historian and diplomat; 1968-1975 and 1976-1977 Director of the Diplomatic Academy (1903-1986); Lyslot Schreiner, (eigtl. L. Purrucker), East. Chamber Actress (1904-1991); Karl Richter, German organizer and conductor (1926-1981).
Name days: Siegbright, Trudeau, Erich, Fastinus, Sovida, Friedt, Amarin, Sigurd, Georgia, Coleman, Jordan.

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