April 10, 2021

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Team Megan Gagen Team Queen

Duchess Megan was never the “Princess of Hearts”, although her husband Prince Harry was considered the most famous king, and he would have been very happy to accept the title of Dioana’s cousin. Megan had fans when she entered the royal court four years ago, but the Duchess of Sussex was never able to establish a loving relationship with the Queen’s citizens. Now she says it respectfully, surpassed only by Prince Andrew, Harry’s uncle, one of the family’s most controversial members.

Especially to old, conservative England, Megan crossed a line with her interview in the United States. In a conversation with Oprah Winfrey, she described the “average, destructive and selfish nonsense” as nothing more than “the Queen’s despicable betrayal.” Megan, on the other hand, received applause from opponents of the monarchy, confirming the negative image of the Winds, and from activists who believed in formal racism in England.

Born in Los Angeles, Megan’s joined the family and was expecting her first child soon. Rather. The expectation that the Royals would now open and better reflect the multicultural society in the state was aroused by the majority of the public, in fact the Commonwealth in general. But 39-year-old Megan did not want to be represented or represented, but wanted to get involved politically. She had no interest in classifying herself, but told her own show.

Her critics – critics would not have shunned it – predicted that the independent, ambitious actress would use the royal platform to boost her profile and then move on. However, some suspected that Megan would seduce her husband when she said goodbye. Now sympathies for Harry are waning, and for many it has faded into an ally.

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In a surprisingly short time, Megan was able to bring the Royals back into the limelight, who were at the peak of their popularity a few years ago. At the same time, it divided the gossip community, not just them. According to studies, young people in Great Britain are part of “Team Megan”, while older people are part of “Team Queen”. There is even a national divide between the majority audience in Great Britain and the United States. There, in his home country, Megan represents worthy nobles.