April 10, 2021

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Spirit Semiconductor expands its headquarters to Thiel headquarters and opens second office in Leeds, UK

The increase in Spirit Semiconductor’s 5G technology triggers expansion and a wave of attitudes

Spirit Semiconductor, a pioneer of high-performance wireless data solutions, today announced the move to its new headquarters in Thiel, UK, and the opening of a new office in Leeds, UK to support a network of talented people in the field of wireless data. The expansion follows the delivery of rapid customer acceptance and technology from 5G-mMIMO (Massive Multi-Input and Multi-Output) and Spirit Semiconductor to small cellular base stations.

The company has grown rapidly since its inception in 2020, forming a core team of 15 people within a year. The new location is one of the UK’s Technology Centers, covering an area of ​​about 9,000 square feet. Ft. Five times the size of the previous headquarters of the Spirit. The new office in Leeds supports the company’s expansion plans for its product portfolio and entry into higher growth markets.

“When we installed Spirit Semiconductor last year, we focused on creating high-end wireless data products for 5G MMIMO. Currently our products are rated by customers, but the feedback we have received so far has been mostly positive, and gives us the impetus we need to expand in other markets,” said Spirit Semiconductor. General Manager Mark Moffat said: “At this rate, we expect to grow to 65% in 2021. This is a start for our company and I look forward to what it will bring next year in terms of innovation and expansion. “

“Massive MIMO structures deeply transform the basic building blocks of the radio data chain,” said Joe Madden, chief analyst at Mobile Experts. “We are experiencing very rapid market growth for some radio data transfer components, while the base station design is suitable for large-scale MIMO’s 32T and 64T variants, and RFICs have strict performance requirements to support a large number of applications.”

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Spirit Semiconductor is looking for the best talent in the field of semiconductors. The company currently has the following vacancies: Chief Filter Design Engineer, Chief MMIC Design Engineer, Chief MMIC Design Engineer and Chief Analog IC Design Engineer. For more information, contact Luke Art at IC Resources, [email protected], +44 118 907 3070.

“IC Resources is excited to help Spirit Semiconductor find the right talent to showcase its impressive growth,” said Kathy Campling, Director of Customer Services at IC Resources. “Spirit’s strong business plan, enthusiastic product plan and generous service package are attractive offers to potential employees.”

Über Spirit Semiconductor Limited.

Spirit Semiconductor Limited. UK based company founded by wireless semiconductor professionals. Our focus is on developing high-performance wireless data products to quickly adapt to 5G Massive MIMO (Massive MIMO), smaller cellular base stations and other markets that require higher performance solutions. At Spirit Semiconductor we value brilliant innovation, fast execution and strong teamwork. We are an energetic and fast team that focuses on developing attractive products that meet the needs and timelines of our customers while maintaining strong team ethics and a sense of partnership. We believe in creating a balanced team that reflects experience at all levels and maintaining an environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow. Visit our website for more information www.spiritsemiconductor.com.

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