October 19, 2021

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Spain supports offside, Biden Morocco’s participation

Spain reportedly excluded from the Berlin II Conference on Libya on June 23 and 24 Spanish electronic media “Okay Diario”, Emphasizing the absence of representatives of the Iberian government during the last two international summits, were aware that they were marked by debates affecting Spain closely, such as “terrorism, immigration, reform of the Schengen area”.

Morocco, on the other hand, was invited to attend the summit, adding the same evidence at the request of Joe Biden, who qualified the request as a “chamber” imposed on the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez. Exaggerating his meeting with the US president, he was able to get a picture with him, but at the expense of the press and the harsh criticism of the Iberian political class.

However, Morocco’s participation came as no surprise. We must remember that the Kingdom, which decided not to attend the Berlin Summit in Libya on October 5, 2020, has contributed to efforts aimed at reaching a peaceful solution to the Libyan conflict since the beginning of the Libyan crisis.

Also, Najla Mangush, the head of Libyan diplomacy, who paid his first official visit this month, met with H.M. King Mohammed VI also praised the efforts of the Kingdom of Morocco, which held the Libyan political dialogue in Scrat in 2015. The Kingdom continues to this day through several rounds of talks between Libyan parties aimed at uniting Libyan institutions and with the support of the Libyan government for national unity.

The UN recently welcomed Morocco’s “constructive role” in resolving the Libyan crisis.

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However, in the wake of the diplomatic crisis, the Sanchez government continues to accumulate diplomatic failures, thus provoking the anger of the opposition, which has been calling for restructuring for weeks.