September 21, 2021

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Spain and Algeria will not participate in the “African Lion”

Army of Spain
Army of Spain

The Spanish military has reportedly decided to skip the 2021 edition of the “African Lion” military exercise scheduled for June 7-18 in Morocco. Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles says the Iberian army will not take part in these traditional maneuvers, which involve 7,800 soldiers, 67 battles, 21 battles and 46 battalions, and two naval elements. The cost is 32 million euros. Similarly, Algeria will not be a part of this crowd.

Officially, the Spanish Ministry of Defense, led by Margarita Robles, presented “budget reasons” for not attending the meeting. Nevertheless, anonymously, “government sources” confirm on a daily basis Country Spain does not want to take part in the “African Lion 2021”, which should be taken as an act of recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara.

Another testament to the difference of opinion between Rabat and Madrid on the Sahara issue since the end of former President Donald Trump on December 10, 2020. Like Spain, Algeria will not take part in these traditional military maneuvers. View the participation of 67 aircraft and two naval components, including 7,800 soldiers, 21 combat and 46 support at a cost of 32 million euros.

This year’s training sanctifies “Morocco in the Western Sahara,” which will take place in Mahbaz (only a hundred kilometers from the Tindouf camps in Algeria, author’s note), and Taqla, in addition to Don-Dan. The first in the history of this military operation. A decision with political connotations against the interests of the Spanish military who want to strengthen their achievements in the fight against terrorism.

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The Moroccan press commemorates the participation of the Spanish military in a seminar in Niger last March, dedicated to the fight against terrorism. And Chad.