October 19, 2021

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Smoking: Experts call for safe and accessible alternatives

Studies show that electronic cigarettes are harmless and affordable, while others say otherwise.

What should smokers believe?
To cut the truth from the lie, the 8th edition of the World Nicotine Forum was held this time under the theme “The Future for Nicotine” in the presence of top experts from various nations. In the menu of this forum, there were panels with innovations based on nicotine and regulation in the tobacco industry.
Participants in a virtual group on “Ways to Reduce the Impact of Smoking in Low- and Middle-Income Countries” were called upon to support safe and accessible alternatives to regular cigarettes.
Products such as electronic cigarettes, which are “less dangerous than flammable cigarettes”, need to gain visibility in these countries, where tobacco-related mortality is high, team members stressed.
Warn against misinformation about new nicotine products, which can be detrimental to the health of consumers living in low- and middle-income countries. These countries are home to 80% of the world’s smokers, considering the many diseases caused by smoking, which poses a major challenge to their health systems.
Speaking at the meeting, Mexican lawyer Tomas O’Corman denounced the lack of information on safe alternatives to tobacco intended for countries according to their linguistic and cultural specifications. Awareness should focus on safe products such as e-cigarettes, noting that a large section of smokers ignore the usefulness of these alternatives.
For his part, Kenyan expert Joseph Makaro noted that access to safe nicotine products is a real challenge in Africa, calling for adequate support policies to compensate for misinformation in these products.
The expert preferred to consume nicotine-based products for oral use because they are recognized in many countries and their prices are affordable, indicating that they may trigger a rapid transition from regular cigarettes.
For her part, international health expert Natalia Torobova considered the electronic cigarette to be a “reliable alternative” and demanded the strong involvement of physicians in raising awareness and promotion of this type of product.

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