October 19, 2021

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Small contacts between the devastated countries of South Africa, Cuba and Algeria

Algiers should worry about it, igniting its two best allies, South Africa and Cuba, with hints of popular uprising under the sparks of riots and demonstrations. Algeria, moreover, does not expire. In Johannesburg, the economic capital of South Africa, one of these last days of the second ten days of July … had the deceptive appearance of the Junkyard Party. It started on Sunday, Lord’s Day, and since then, businesses have been looted incessantly, and we are fighting like guns, violence, riots.

Jacob Zuma, the former president who was sentenced to 15 months in prison, surrendered himself at a police station in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal on Wednesday, July 7, 21. The starting point of the fire, its origin and its fortress. The chaos took less than thirty-six hours to begin In Qutung and KwaZulu-Natal, demonstrations and looting spread to other provinces across the country.. Police are outraged and the army has been called in by President Cyril Ramaphosa to put an end to the looting. Thousands of unheard-of military reservists have been called in since the last decade of the last century.

As for the horrific number for Thursday, it rose to 117 deaths in the afternoon for a good cause, with 1,500 people arrested so far. According to the Anglican Archbishop Tabo McCoppa, this is obvious, it is the language of the voiceless: ” When people go to bed hungry, unemployed, domineering and marginalized, the benefits in them can be violated, especially if an end to our suffering is not found.“.But the reason Of the struggle, it should also be seen: « Forces far deeper than the anger over the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma are at work in the chaos we face ». It is known, South African politics is characterized by local corruption that goes to the highest levels of government. Given the economic situation in South Africa, one can say without fear, without contempt, that this is a catastrophe, especially the health crisis that is greatly affecting the country. We are a long way from South Africa and its dynamic economy. Today, “this time for Africa”, it is being destroyed. But stillLet’s follow the other looks.

Cuban officials announced yesterday, Wednesday, July 15 “Learn Lessons” And declared the first salvo of “junk food” as action, a history of having a population in turmoil and, in three days, devoting itself to historic demonstrations. The head of government, Manuel Marrero, announced, – This is an open comment he made on Cuban national television“Authorization to import passengers, in their suitcases, food, health products and medicines, on an exceptional and temporary basis, without limit of value and without customs duty. End the pay limit, allow installation in another city, and take advantage of the “libretta” (distribution book), whereas this is not possible. These measures can be effective “Until December 31”. We well understand the reason for the famous eruption. On Thursday, peace returned to the island, which was placed under strong police and military surveillance, especially around the Capitol in Havana, the seat of the rebellious parliament. It would be laughable if not for a play.

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These are the two countries that are happy with the unification of the Algerian regime. But these kinds of events should not move him too much. Apart from this type, Algeria is accustomed to places provoked within power. In other words, its violent riots (250 to 300 in Algiers alone) and thousands of arrests in February 2019 and its aftermath Hirak or October 1988 and 500 deaths in the country were never given reason to think Algeria’s different powers. We can also cite the “Black Spring” in Capilia and the riots.

As many as 126 people will be killed and more than 5,000 will be injured as a result of repression arrests, and the number of injured will have to be multiplied by only two or three, that number is normal. We will not shake the knife with the black decade that claimed 200,000 victims in Algeria. These events are to appoint a specific climate of repression that will provoke the anger of the people, rather than the revolt of a civil movement. The Algerian people, widely hated by all regimes, will never forget the fear of drowning Cuban operations.