September 21, 2021

Lakefront Hartwell

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Six Sahara settlers have been found dead in the Tunisian desert


The lifeless bodies of six sub-Saharan settlers have been found in the Tosur Desert in southern Tunisia. If no information is provided on the origin of this distress, severe dehydration is indicated.

The new tragedy of illegal immigration was the death of six migrants of sub-Saharan descent who were found in the Tosur Desert in southern Tunisia. According to the newspaper Capitalist Citing a report by the Tunisian National Guard, these migrants may have died of dehydration while trying to cross the border.

The seventh person was suffering from poor health, especially dehydration, as high temperatures were recorded in recent days, although he was rescued by the Tunisian National Guard. Anatolia. The newspaper said the survivor was taken to hospital and his condition is stable.

The dead on Wednesday night included two women and four children. The group, formed by Nigerians, wanted to leave Algeria and reach Tunisia as a herd. They have undoubtedly experienced the heat wave that Tunisia has been facing for some days.

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