September 21, 2021

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Security. Morocco is in the process of modernizing its air force

Will Morocco improve its offensive capabilities? The American media “Security News” reports on its website through news and other leading analyzes and reports on the security plans and strategies of many countries around the world, including Africa and the Middle East.

Through the paper of our colleague Agnes Hollow, the latter, according to Morocco, has identified the use of drones in the war as a “major dimension of military modernization efforts.” The opportunity to present to you some prints of this paper was presented by its author.

Advice to global experts in avionics and electronic systems and software for civil and military applications, especially in the aeronautical field. In fact, the Kingdom will continue its negotiations with security operators, with the goal of obtaining specific drones, but not precision weapons or pirated technologies. “The United States has been instrumental in promoting Morocco’s pirated weapons, especially U.S. drones and precision – guided ammunition and laser – guided ammunition,” said Samuel Ramani, a security expert at Oxford University.

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Reuters announced in December 2020 that the Kingdom was about to sign an agreement with the Trump administration to acquire four MQ-9B Seagardian drones. A deal to buy 12-profile DP2 medium-height and long-tolerance drones from Turkish company Boycar as part of a $ 70 million deal. Samuel Ramani, a security expert at Oxford University, recalled that “the United States and Turkey are working together to strengthen Morocco’s piracy capabilities, while 12Proctor DP2 drones will soon arrive in Morocco.”

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Over the past two weeks, international media outlets have announced talks between the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) to buy 22 helicopters for the T129 ATAK attack, particularly with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and the Italian AugustaWestland. The budget is $ 1.3 billion.

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Aram Nerguisian, a senior ally of the Think-Tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, said: “US military sales overseas provide an early open source assessment of the trend of Moroccan initiatives. Regional armies operating US-made systems. Completes other efforts in the field.

More specifically, in 2019, Morocco advanced with the acquisition of 25 AG-41E Apache helicopters (24 new, 12 options), 2,400 pgm-71-4 P-RF Dow 2A missiles to enhance Morocco’s integrated defense capabilities. -16C / D Block 72 fighters with additional air-to-ground ammunition, in addition to support to improve systems integration and fighter lifecycle maintenance “.

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However, Morocco is also looking to the East to diversify its weapons resources. According to security reports, the country has signed several agreements with Russia and China for military equipment, including short- and medium-range missiles.