September 21, 2021

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Second mayor resigns within a year – Agencies Africa

Libreville’s mayor Eugene Emba has been quoted as saying in an official statement released on Saturday, June 5, that he had been embroiled in a scandal that had hit the headlines since mid – May.

He is the second mayor to step down in less than a year in the title of Caponian capital. His predecessor, Leandre Nzu, was placed on an arrest warrant in Libreville prison, where he has been in pre-trial detention since last September, and his case is pending.

Eugene Emba returned his armor five months after his appointment on December 29th. The reasons for his resignation have not been released, but he is coming after allegations of fraud aimed at settling clean-up operations in the capital.

According to local newspapers, the resigning mayor handed over about 338 million FCFAs (513,000 euros) to the Zeta Group in two days.

Another attention-grabbing case refers to the misuse of funds allocated in response to Govt-19. In a press release this weekend, Prime Minister Rose Christian Osouka Rabonda assured the people about the sound and transparent management of these funds.

In the process, the head of government pointed out that “the government and its executives are reminded that corruption and public finance fraud are now intolerable.”

He called on the media to condemn all proven cases related to corruption, recalling that the perpetrators will experience the harshness of justice.

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