April 10, 2021

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Scotland: For the first time, a narrow majority in favor of staying in Great Britain

The Scots do not know what it means to say goodbye to Great Britain. Based on the Brexit model, “skexit”, “scoot” for “Scottish out” or “neverendum” for a never-ending referendum are not very actively traded on the Internet as terms of independence from the UK.

In 2014, a majority of residents rejected a detachment. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is aiming for a second referendum. Most recently, the majority in the referendum was in favor of the Scots split, and now the mood is changing, albeit very thin: in a recent Yukov poll commissioned by the Times, 49 per cent were in favor of independence, while 51 per cent were against. The newspaper published the news on Thursday.

London rejects a new survey. Sturgeon argues that the 2014 referendum was two years before the Brexit referendum. The British withdrawal from the EU changed the situation. In 2016, Scotland clearly voted to remain in the EU.

Corruption Issues Sturgeon

An absolute majority is expected for the Scottish National Party SNP in the regional elections in Scotland. However, internal disputes are currently simmering in the SNP. Boss Nicola Sturgeon has come under a lot of pressure due to his role in the abuse scandal. Allegation of his former confidant Alex Solmond, who is at the center of the case: Sturgeon is said to have misled Parliament.

John Curtis, a poll researcher at the University of Strathclyde, told the Times: “The SNP cannot lose many supporters.” There are some supporters of the party who do not believe that Sturgeon is telling the truth. However, the SNP issue is not the only reason for those who oppose an independent referendum. Uncertainty during the epidemics, for example, played a part in the fact that some Scots did not want to vote again this year.

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