April 10, 2021

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Saint-Copenhagen plans an electrified navy in Great Britain

Saint-Cobain, a British subsidiary of the French industrial conglomerate, plans to convert more than 3,000 of its corporate cars into electric and hybrid vehicles by the end of 2023. Saint-Copenhagen UK & Ireland have already flown in the top 100 VW ID3 vehicles.

Saint-Cobain is committed to being net CO2 free worldwide by 2050. On the way to this goal, the British subsidiary has now decided to convert its fleet into electrified vehicles within two years. The company did not specify how much the ratio of battery-electric cars will be in the 3,000-vehicle fleet by 2023 – nor is the extent of electrification clear.

Saint-Copenhagen UK & Ireland, VW for naval change. Ian Perryl, director of transport and supply chain solutions, described it as “a step up” so more manufacturer contracts can be followed. The first 100 ID3s were well received. “There’s a real appetite for making changes and reducing their personal carbon footprint,” says Beryl. Switching to electric vehicles should be accompanied by a plan to set up charging points in the garages of in-house employees.

Develops, manufactures and sells products and solutions for the construction, operation and healthcare industries of Saint-Cobain. The company operates in 70 countries and employs over 167,000 people.
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