September 20, 2021

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Saham Assurance: Preparation for mobile application

Saham Assurance has announced a new version of its mobile app. The new version offers many services. This allows policyholders to carry out most of their procedures remotely.

In terms of innovation the Saham guarantee continues its pace. The company has announced the launch of a new version of its mobile app. The latter provides customers with free and secure access to personalized, first-rate information (such as monitoring the progress of contracts, claim files).

As part of the ongoing improvement, the company explains: “A complete transformation of mobile usage is taking place in the context of Covid-19 to allow policyholders to achieve most, 24 hours a day, anywhere. Their approach is remote, completely autonomous, with the rest of their agents and the insurance company integrated ”.

It is designed by the insurance company’s digital factory and provides convenient use, guarantees transparency and provides access to useful services as they are innovative. In detail, it allows secure and quick authentication, with the possibility of fingerprint signing. Navigation is ergonomic and intuitive, allowing for quick access to essentials. In addition, simple and clear explanations are provided through the app, and instructional videos are also available on the mobile app, thus allowing customers to better understand the products and the warranties available to them.

In addition, in the event of a disaster, educational guides provide information on the procedure to be followed and useful contacts to guide them. Additionally, users of the new version of Saham Assurance mobile app can access the details of their automobile, home, health and life insurance contracts.

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Another advantage is that “customers can track the progress of their automobile claim files and return their medical files in real time. Access to their savings and life insurance status reports is now integrated, ”the company said in a statement.

Saham Assurance also notes that this change has made it possible to integrate another service. So, thanks to the partnership with Dabatok (the site that digitizes access to healthcare in Africa), users of the new version of the Saham Assurance mobile app will have the opportunity to locate nearby doctors and their medical appointments with a single click.

“This initiative not only confirms the company’s strong commitment to serving its customers, but also its environmental responsibility, as it reduces paper printing (e.g .: status reports) and policyholders’ carbon footprint (less than displacement)”, we explain. It should be noted that Saham Assurance Morocco application is available in Google Play and App Store stores.

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