October 19, 2021

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Royal Air Morocco is breaking its price

National airline Royal Air Morocco (RAM) on Sunday announced the installation of an “exceptional” and “historic” device to facilitate the movement of Moroccans living abroad (MREs). H.M. King Mohammed VI High Instructions.

“LHe said the national company has been strengthening its airline program and offering very affordable prices to members of the Moroccan community established abroad.

These offers are being explored to set an exceptional price list, which will vary depending on the goals and the number of family members, ”Ram said in a statement.

As such, a ticket for a passenger with a family of four or more from all European destinations (except Russia and Turkey) is offered at 97 euros, including tax (including all taxes).

Similarly, the price is projected at 120 euros, including return tax for travelers traveling with three families.

For travelers traveling alone or in another person’s company, the unit price is 150 euros including tax (tour).

For flights operated from North America (New York, Washington and Montreal), any passenger travels with two or more members of his or her family, including a price of 500 500 (round trip).

Other travelers are priced at 600 euros, including tax (tour).

For travelers departing from Ramin destinations in Africa, Turkey and Russia, any passenger traveling in the company of two or more family members is priced at 0 240 including tax (round trip); 300 euros including tax for any traveler traveling alone or in the company of a family member.

Return flights from Tunisia will be sold for 120 euros to any traveler traveling with two or more family members; And யூ 150 including tax for any traveler traveling alone or in the company of a family member.

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For a person traveling by air from Egypt, the proposed rate is 150 euros including tax when traveling in the company of two other members of his family or more; 200 euros including tax when he is alone or in the company of a family member.

At the same time, RAM indicates that these prices are only valid for tickets purchased from Sunday, June 13, for flights operated overseas, and for the period from June 15 to September 30, 2021.

The aircraft are now available for sale on the National Airlines website (www.royalairmaroc.com) and through its call centers, sales offices and regular distribution network.

In addition, according to high government instructions, RAM is mobilizing additional logistics and human resources to strengthen its flight program to the main host countries of Moroccan immigrants.

By chartering flights from the best service providers and mobilizing additional aircraft under the best conditions and safety standards, the national carrier will significantly increase its capacity and seat offer.

Royal Air Morocco, on the other hand, fully guarantees that this historic operation will be used under the best possible conditions, both at the call center (call center) level and in digital equipment and RAM agencies.

In addition, Royal Air Morocco implements health care measures to ensure the health and safety of its customers and its employees, using the recommendations of public authorities and international standards.

For this purpose, its services routinely disinfect aircraft.

Similarly, during the boarding process, health safety measures such as respecting the distance within the boarding area, transfer buses and stairs and sidewalks are highly valued, the press release concludes.